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    The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

    Kettlebells will steal the fat off your bones, jump-starting your metabolism, and renew muscle growth. It will turn even the average fighter into a coiled powerhouse of lethal strength - so fast, you'd swear it happened while you slept!

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    "Pavel's kettlebell training was one of the most influential events of my adult life."—Nick Fraser, Shrewsbury, Great Britain.

    "Everything else was just rearranging the furniture. Russian kettlebell training builds a new house from the foundation up. It was a total physical, mental and almost spiritual enlightening experience. It helped me get in touch with inner strength that I could not touch in prior focusing efforts."—Timothy Cosgriff, PT, Lincoln, NH

    When you download Pavel's secret "fitness neuro-software" into your formerly-mediocre bod, you will witness:

    Instant, Instant, Instant Results

    I've seen it myself over and over again. And the stories keep poring in.

    Same-day, twenty percent increases in strength, flexibility and power are standard issue when you take advantage of even one of Pavel's patented neuro-software techniques.

    Never has pain been so special, so wonderful, so rewarding!

    DragonDoor is the premier Health and Fitness resource on the web! They have the World's Most Effective Methods for High Performance, Radiant Health and Peace of Mind.

    Kettlebells. Russian Kettlebells. The Addict's Iron of Choice.

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